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30 Minute Therapy For Anger

Ronald Potter-Efron

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New Harbinger
Trade Paperback
Other, 104 pp
Published 1st Aug 2011
ISBN: 9781608820290
Markets: World

Everything you need to know about managing anger in the least amount of time.
Thirty-Minute Therapy for Anger presents a breakthrough approach to the treatment of anger that is designed to fit the needs of people seeking fast solutions. In just one hour, readers learn the essentials about anger chapter by chapter: what causes and contributes to anger, how to calm down when they feel angry, and how to keep anger from bubbling up in the first place. Then, readers have the option of exploring each topic further through additional information and exercises.

Anger experts Ronald and Patricia Potter-Efron help readers identify their troubles and learn skills for managing anger before it gets out of control.

Readers seeking even more practice exercises and examples will appreciate the Thirty-Minute Therapy for Anger supplemental material available online exclusively to readers. This three-level approach allows readers to tailor their experience of reading the book to their specific needs and interests.