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Bog-Standard Britain

How Mediocrity Ruined This Great Nation

Quentin Letts

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197 x 140 mm, 240 pp
Published 29th Oct 2009
ISBN: 9781849011204
Markets: World English Language

Bestselling author Quentin Letts vents his spleen on the state of Modern Britain.
No one would attack equality, would they? Well, Quentin Letts just might. He's on the rampage again; this time he's gunning for the folk who want to crush individualism in our nation of once indignant eccentrics. For Letts, equality's been defiled by ethnic-grievance gangs and harpies of feminist orthodoxy, by risk-averse jackboots of town-hall bureaucracy with quotas and creeds. He's furious that fair damsel Liberty has been whored by
best-practice brigades and by municipal bores insistent that everyone has a prize and no culture dominates.

Letts's outrage stalks the glottal-stopping oikishness of our streets, linked, he believes, to modern society's refusal to deplore. For him, the prattishness of Jonathan Ross is part of the mad insistence that vulgarity is valid. Still think equality's such a great thing? You might not after reading this urgent, exasperated, witheringly funny book.

Praise for 50 People Who Buggered Up Britain:

'[Quentin Letts] discharges his duty with flair and tracer angry book, beautifully written.' The Spectator
'The 'equality practitioners' of New Labour have driven excellence underground. They have made us all nervous wrecks, jibbering at the thought of being labelled snoots and snobs. This book points out that in our language, fashion, manners and politics we have been kyboshed by an ill-guided equality mania which is doing terrible harm to the least privileged in our country.'  QUENTIN LETTS