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No Such Thing as Society

A History of Britain in the 1980s

Andy McSmith

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B format, 320 pp
Published 18th Aug 2011
ISBN: 9781849019798
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Quote and reviews

"It was a wild, wild decade: strong politics, riots, revival, bad hair, great comedy, some dreadful music, lurid newspapers and a war or two. The Margaret Thatcher rollercoaster carried so many of us into today"s Britain, with so many bumps and shrieks, that it needs a writer of cool judgement and a reporter who misses nothing to tell its story. Andy McSmith has managed it, ranging from barcodes to TVam, feminism to Torvill and Dean, and Sloane Rangers to flying pickets. It"s hard to see how this account could be bettered."
Andrew Marr
"McSmith has a sharp eye for a revealing story."
The Sunday Times
"A fine account of the decade."
Independent on Sunday
" enjoyable romp through the decade."
The Spectator
"A rollicking read."
"(McSmith) presents his views and his recollections clearly, accurately and accessibly in a very readable, social document."
The Scotsman