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Nurse! Nurse!

A Student Nurse's Story

Jimmy Frazier

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B format, 272 pp
Published 24th Feb 2011
ISBN: 9781845293956
Markets: UK & Commonwealth

You're a male trainee in Britain's toughest profession - think you can make the cut?
As punishment for some youthful high jinks, 16-year-old Jimmy Frazier is made to volunteer in a London hospital. The experience shocks him, and he swears he will never set foot on a ward again.

Two decades later, older but not a lot wiser, some strange twists of fate lead Jimmy back to hospital - but this time as a student nurse.

Along with a motley crew of fellow students, Jimmy throws himself into the heart of the NHS. Whether caring for patients in children's hospitals, prisons, mental health facilities or post-surgical wards, Jimmy and his fellow students attempt to make a difference. On their way they are inspired by the angelic Super Nurse and the acid-tongued Mr Temple. But can they stick out the three years it takes to make the grade as a fully-qualified nurse...?