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The Man from Primrose Lane

James Renner

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B format, 464 pp
Published 3rd Jan 2013
ISBN: 9781472100146
Markets: UK C/Wealth ex Can,ANZ

Imagine an episode of Doctor Who written by Stephen King. Enter the extraordinary world of The Man from Primrose Lane, a devious, dark, audacious tale about dangerous obsession and the way it can influence our fates.
Once upon a time in Ohio there lived an elderly recluse, 'the man from Primrose Lane'. He had no friends or family. He wore mittens all year round. And one summers day, he was murdered.

Bestselling author David Neff is a broken man, lonely, desolate and lost ever since his wife's suicide. But something about the man from Primrose Lane grabs his attention and he decides to investigate the mystery - only to be dragged back into a world he thought he had left behind forever.

As David gets closer to uncovering the true identity of the man from Primrose Lane, he begins to understand the terrible power of his own obsessions and how they may be connected to the deaths of both the hermit and his beloved wife.
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