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The Soul Bird

10th Anniversary Edition

Michal Snunit

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B format, 48 pp
Published 25th Mar 2010
ISBN: 9781849010320
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Deep within us lies a soul, and in the soul lives a special bird...
<b style="font-style: italic">Deep down, inside our bodies, lives the soul. <b style="font-style: italic">No one has ever seen it, but we all know it's there.

There is a 'soul bird' who lives inside us all. This special bird opens and closes the drawers of our soul, in which we keep all our feelings. There are drawers for our innermost secrets, but also places where we hide away our happiness, anger, joy, jealousy and sorrows.

The soul bird has the keys to these drawers, and can open them when we ask. But sometimes the soul bird seems to disobey our wishes, and tolerance turns to fear, or calm turns to anger. Perhaps we don't listen to our soul bird often enough. Indeed, some of us only hear it once in a lifetime. We should try, maybe late at night, or at another time of peace and quiet, to hear the voice of the soul bird, and listen to what it is telling us.

Michal Snunit's The Soul Bird has been translated into 25 languages and has been a bestseller around the world for ten years since its first publication. This celebration edition introduces new colour to enhance the beautiful simplicity of Na'ama Golomb's original illustrations.

This gentle and poetic book has become a firm favourite with both children and adults. Showing how the consolation and encouragement we need can be found in small, everyday places, it is a lovely resource for those moments when we feel in need of spiritual refreshment. Its deceptive simplicity conceals a deeper philosophical message for us all.