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The Zen Of Zombie

Scott Kenemore

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B format, 272 pp
Published 25th Feb 2010
ISBN: 9781849013260
Markets: UK & C/Wealth exc Canada

Reanimate yourself for success with advice on life, love, and work from the undead.
Do you struggle out of bed each morning and sway lifelessly across the room, mouth agape, arms hanging slack, murmuring unintelligibly? Well, take heart: you're not alone! But these other staggering, limp, perpetually drowsy folks just happen to be zombies-and it turns out they can teach us a lot about enjoying life.

And only here, between the covers of this book, will you learn their secrets to happiness. Learn how to slow down and move at your own pace, become your own boss, and just devour those irritating people who get in your way. And there's more, because zombies can offer no-nonsense advice on love, playing to your strengths, and on becoming more adaptable.

Be adaptable - zombies make the best of a bad situation.

Speak only when necessary - when zombies talk, people listen.

Zombies don't negotiate - neither should you.

Plus a ninety-day guide to complete zombification.