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Lynn Shepherd

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Demy, 336 pp
Published 2nd Feb 2012
ISBN: 9781780331669
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Quote and reviews

"A necessary eye for squalor, meticulous research and deft plotting, as well as the ability to handle the difficult God"s-eye-view narration with"ll be guaranteed to enjoy."
The Guardian
"It s a highly compelling, immaculately written 19th-century murder mystery."
Independent on Sunday
"A grisly period detective story with a light-hearted literary conceit"
The Times
"An intelligent, gripping and beautifully written novel which sparkles with bibliophilic glee"
The Scotsman
"Beautifully written..Shepherd has perfectly caught the tone of voice, ranging from the lawyer Tulkinghorn to Esther Summerson and Inspector Bucket, and describes the horrors of nineteenth century slums more candidly than any Victorian novelist ever absorbing read"
Literary Review
"I can think of no better way to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Dickens than to recommend Tom-All-Alone"s. This terrific Victorian mystery begins in dense fog, like Bleak House, and has an unemployed detective reluctantly obeying a summons to the rat-infested London churchyard of Tom-All-Alone"s. The corpse of a newborn baby awaits him, marking the start of a case whose Dickensian horros are twinned with a sophisticated understanding of nature of sexual predation."
Joan Smith, The Sunday Times