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When it Happened in Britain

George Chamier

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B format, 224 pp
Published 29th Oct 2009
ISBN: 9781845296452
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A brand new edition of the bestselling book that tells you all the dates you know you should know!
This is a whistle-stop tour through 2,000 years of our nation's story from the Roman invasion to the Falklands War.

Setting out the wide sweep of British history that is often ignored, historian George Chamier weaves together a reader-friendly combination of key dates with linking narrative. Here are all our good Kings and usurpers, low dealings and acts of heroism, moments of great conquest, empire or defeat - and through it all the story of the formation of the United Kingdom.

All told in lively and amusing short chapters, this is the perfect book for the person who can never quite remember the key dates in British history or feels exasperated that their friends and family are so ignorant of British history.