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Scott Kenemore

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B format, 272 pp
Published 27th Jan 2011
ISBN: 9781849017008
Markets: UK C/Wealth ex Can

Work your way to the top in business using the lessons of being a zombie.
A guide for any aspiring C.E.O. or even ordinary office worker who wants to move up the ladder, Z.E.O. offers over-worked, underinspired nine-to-five workers inspiration in a source they are sure to relate to: zombies!

Learn how zombies can show you how to further a professional career-from the typing pool to the boardroom-and harness the 'brains' necessary for personal success. Forget your company's 'human' resources department: learn how zombie-team building exercises can take you to the top. What secrets do successful entrepreneurs and zombies have in common? And how does taking little bites of your coworkers lead to amassing a large army of the undead? Find out in Z.E.O.

Lessons include the 'Z-hour' work week, how to negotiate like a zombie, zombie time management and initiative, and a quarter-by-quarter guide to bringing about the complete zombification of your company or operation within a single fiscal year. Become the 'head zombie' in your office by devouring your competition as you storm the barricades to take power in the boardroom. Sure, you might have to crack a few heads-and eat a few brains-along the way, but that doesn't stop a zombie. Why should it stop you? Your reign as Z.E.O. begins here.