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The Right Way to Teach Chess to Kids

Richard James

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Right Way
B format, 224 pp
Published 20th Jun 2013
ISBN: 9780716023357
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Teach your kids how to play chess - from the bestselling author of Chess for Kids and webmaster of chessKIDS academy.
This accessible how-to guide for parents and teachers on the best way to teach chess to children, from international chess expert Richard James, is linked to both his bestselling book, Chess for Kids, and his website chessKIDS academy.

James, who taught grandmasters Luke McShane and Jonathan Rowson, shows how learning chess
is interesting and fun. It can also help children develop life skills, such as decision-making and social skills, and be a springboard to other subjects in the school curriculum, such as maths, science, history and even languages.

In an easy-to-follow, fun way, James explains how to structure short lessons with worksheets and other activities to introduce the chess pieces, chess notation and chess-board dynamics - so
that children can understand the thinking behind the moves and start playing and enjoying this
fascinating game.