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Constable & Robinson Events for February

Thursday 31st Jan 2013
February is sure to be an exciting month with lots of fantastic events happening, including several launch parties.

See below for full details:

  • On the 9th James Craig, author of The Circus, will be at Kingston Library Readers Day.  3pm at Hook Centre Library.
  • Lynn Shepherd, author of A Treacherous Likeness, will be giving a talk at the Guildhall Library in London. 6pm.
  • The long awaited Fleet Street Fox launch party will be taking place on the 18th. Invite only.
  • Also on the 18th Lynn Shepherd will be speak at Foyles in Bristol. 6.30pm.
  • Matt Kaplan, author of The Science of Monsters, will be at Brighton Science Festival on the 23rd. Sallis Benney Theatre, Brghton, 12pm.
  • The C&R Crime Relaunch party will be taking place on the 28th at the gallery at the Crypt. Trafalgar Square, London, 6.30pm.
  • The 28th is also the day of Lynn Shepherd's launch party for A Treacherous LikenessInvite only.
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