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Publicity Update for Constable & Robinson: Books and Ebooks

Tuesday 5th Mar 2013

Susie Boniface’s The Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox was picked as one of Glamour’s Must-Reads.

The Sunday Mirror reviewed The Diaries of a Fleet Street FoxA funny and fast-moving tale’

The Press Association have released a lovely review of The Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox, which has been syndicated in Sunday Life (Belfast), Star (Sheffield) and Northern Echo so far.


Melissa Kite, author of Real Life, wrote a great first-person piece for the Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine about being bullied by her boyfriend. She also wrote another first-person piece for the Daily Mail.


The Mail on Sunday’s Live Magazine featured a large extract of Simon Read’s Human Game.


A Treacherous Likeness by Lynn Shepherd got a long review in the Guardian This is a story that will keep you turning pages’

A Treacherous Likeness was also reviewed in the Sunday Herald (Glasgow)Her gripping novel, enjoyable as it is, goes beyond simple entertainment to try and say something new about a lingering, literary mystery’


Vanessa Parody’s Fifty Shelves of Grey was featured in the Independent on SundayThe only shades of Grey spin-off worth reading


Martin Gurdon, author of Doing Bird, wrote a piece about chicken keeping for SagaAn endless source of entertainment’


AD Garrett’s Everyone Lies was featured in the Bookseller.


Lost & Found by Tom Winter was got a fantastic review in SagaOriginal and surprising, and it left me glowing’


D.J. Taylor, author of What You Didn’t Miss, has been reviewing for the Independent’s Radar Magazine.


Matt Kaplan, author of The Science of Monsters, was interviewed on Monocle Radio


The Best New Horror Series edited by Stephen Jones was recommended by Writing MagazineA top-quality body of short stories


The King’s Daughter by Barbara Kyle was reviewed in a Press Association syndicated review featuring in regional newspapers ‘colourful and exciting… The King’s Daughter is an all-action thriller, bringing to life the passion and perils of the Tudor period as well as delivering a romance laced with mystery and authentic history. Another fascinating chapter in the entertaining Tudor saga


James Craig, author of The Circus, was interviewed on and Gorkana Community News


The C&R Crime launch party received a lovely write-up in the latest issue of Mystery People.


The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland by Catherynne M Valente was reviewed in Aquila magazine ‘the second breathtaking adventure for September... always fascinating

Another great review on the Book Forum Recommended for readers of all ages who enjoy falling into a book and getting lost there


Among Others by Jo Walton was reviewed on ‘Well worth reading’


Constable & Robinson was mentioned in Writer’s News in relation to the acquisition of How to Books.




Mumtopia reviewed Planting Plans for your Kitchen Garden by Holly Farrell  

Planting Plans for your Kitchen Garden will be featured in next month’s Property Scene


Mumstreet featured What Should I Feed My Baby? by Pure Ebba 


Dr Lori Boul, author of DIY Sex and Relationship Therapy contributed expert comment for a feature in Now magazine, to be released on the 12th March.


The Leftovers Handbook will be featured in May’s Vegetarian Living which is out at the end of March


Everyday Lebanese Cooking by Mona Hamadeh was featured in Prizes Galore


Lesley Cookman, author of Writing a Pantomime, wrote a piece for Writing Magazine about how she first got published.

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