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New fiction books imprint for children and young adults: Much-in-Little

Friday 27th Apr 2012

Boundless imagination, wonderful writing and tip-top storytelling: welcome to Much-in-Little, Constable & Robinson's bijou new fiction imprint for children and young adults

Corsair Publisher James Gurbutt and Editor Sarah Castleton have announced a bijou imprint for books for children and young adults under the Corsair umbrella, to be named Much-in-Little. The list will feature six or seven new titles a year.

‘Real life is as much about fantasy and fictions, as growing-up is about being a child at heart, and our Much-in-Little books will reflect that,’ said Sarah Castleton. ‘We want Much-in-Little to be a home for unusual and boundless imagination, wonderful writing and tip-top quality storytelling.’

Their titles will benefit from a newly established relationship with the sales team at Walker Books, who will sell-in the imprint’s titles. Gurbutt commented, ‘We are delighted with this arrangement; our authors have the benefit of two terrific sales forces – the expertise of the Walker team to help us reach Children’s booksellers and our own team to enable some titles to cross over to the Adult market.’

The first Much-in-Little book is to be The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente, published this June.

‘It’s a regular girl-seeks-adventure-encounters-leopard-finds-fairyland-loses-shoe-faces-Death kind of tale.’ A second Fairyland book is scheduled for next year, with more to follow.

In addition, South African author Lily Herne (mother and daughter writing team Sarah and Savannah Lotz) joins the Much-in-Little list. Sarah Castleton acquired Herne’s zombie dystopia series from Oli Munson at Blake Freidman. Pitched as a South African Hunger Games, the first two books in the Deadlands series – Deadlands and Death of A Saint – are scheduled for publication next year.

‘There’s nothing straightforward about Lily Herne’s world, especially when you consider their South African origin. Survivors of a zombie apocalypse live in walled enclaves. A cult of zombie-worshippers wields a corrupt and increasingly violent kind of authority. An anti-zombie underground movement is gearing up for a showdown. In the deadlands beyond the safety zone, a zombie army lurches along waiting for its next feed. And a renegade gang of teenagers ends up holding a great deal of power – power that they feel ready for but also want to run the hell away from.

'The series features an awesome goth grrl heroine, Lele: she’s no nonsense, incandescent and a good deal more nuanced and unusual than even she knows. In Deadlands nothing is cut and dry: not power, not politics, not religion, not love, not death, and certainly not being a teenager – proving that, even in a zombie apocalypse, some things never change...’

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