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Constable & Robinson scores another digital success

Tuesday 15th May 2012

Last week Constable & Robinson enjoyed another digital success as its consumer motoring website enjoyed its most successful day to date when it released its MoT Files - a comprehensive analysis of 24.5 million MoT records – on BBC Breakfast and received widespread media coverage.


Since 2000, Constable & Robinson has pioneered the free-to-view model for certain areas of reference non-fiction, supported by advertising sales. is one of the most successful author-expert partnerships of this kind. was launched in partnership with Daily Telegraph motoring journalist Honest John in 2000 and has since become a top 5 UK consumer motoring website, despite tough competition.


Nova Robinson, Constable & Robinson, said:


'The launch of the MoT Files is a seminal moment for The brainchild of the site editor, Dan Harrison, the data took over six months to organise into digestible format for the consumer. The MoT Files were launched exclusively with the BBC and received widespread press coverage all day on Friday, driving heavy traffic to the website. We are delighted that this ambitious project, which entailed trawling through all 24.5 million MoTs taken last year, has not only put this important data into the consumer’s hands but is also a huge commercial success reinforcing’s position as one of the leading consumer motoring websites.'


Dan Harrison, editor of, said:


'Friday saw record traffic on - and by some way too. Traffic spiked to ten times normal levels with mentions on BBC Breakfast and BBC One O' Clock News and most of the day was three or four times what we'd normally expect. What was particularly exciting is that it wasn't just the MoT section that benefitted, our reviews, Real MPG and used pricing sections all put in record performances, too.'


The MoT Files provide motorists and first time buyers with an easily accessible and user-friendly breakdown of MoT pass and fail rates by make, model and year. It was the first time this information had been released, as the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency (VOSA)  had previously fought to keep  it secret. The MoT Files can be viewed at


Earlier this year, Constable & Robinson was recognised for its unique online publishing model, when it was named Ingram Digital Publisher at the Independent Publishing Awards.


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